How it began

During a period of economic challenges, GPSi was founded in 1995 as a sole proprietorship in Pennsylvania, USA to provide ferry pilot services and flight instruction on commuter size aircraft.

Over the years our business began attracting more European customers and we started providing services to renowned companies, like:

  • EastWest Airlines, Germany
  • Dornier / Deutsche Aerospace, Germany
  • Kirberger Aviation, Germany
  • Charles Martinak Aviation, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Bill Law Aviation, New York, USA
  • Team Lufthansa Regional Airlines, Germany
  • Aero Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Lagunair, lineas aéreas, León, Spain
  • MiniLiner srl, Bergamo, Italy

Our primary focus was on training pilots on the Dornier328, Dornier228 and ferrying such aircraft. Later the Fokker50 was added to our capabilities and more types were soon to follow.

Today GPSi manages a small exclusive fleet of various types of aircraft in a fractional aircraft ownership concept for VIP's and Business Owners Groups. We provide temporary pilot placement and flight department management services to startup flight operations and establish or modify your flight operations documentation to implement aircraft fleet changes.

About the person who started it all

Fred’s personal qualifications and achievements:

  • Single/Multi-Engine Land & Sea, Instrument Rating, Airplane & Helicopter
  • Flight Instructor Airplane Single- and Multi-Engine, Helicopter & Instrument
  • Ground Instructor Advanced & Instrument
  • Over 15,500 hours accident free flight experience in over 63 different types and variants
  • Degree in Advanced Flight Technology
  • Fred began flying as a military helicopter pilot in 1979 and has developed a reputation for integrity and outstanding communication
  • Current professional pilot
  • Author of training and regulatory publications on a wide range of aviation topics from JAR-OPS issues to Company Manuals